Top Seven Reasons to Have a Home Security System Monitored By PPS

There are so many reasons why you should protect your family with a monitored home alarm system with an industry leading alarm company. We have highlighted the top 7 reasons for your consideration:

  • Top rated alarm companies work with a network of authorized dealers who visit your home for a free consultation and site inspection before any work is started. They take time and care to explain the system set up, unique features and benefits and installation so you can make the smart choice about installing an alarm system. They will address any concerns you may have and answer all of your questions.
  • If you don't have a landline telephone or your home phone line is severed, there is no way for a monitoring station to know if an alarm has been activated. With CellGuard technology you are able to have a complete home security system without the need for a landline telephone. This is a tremendous benefit for homeowners that have replaced their landline telephones with cellular phones.
  • PPS has established ties with over 38,000 medical, fire, and police agencies across the nation. If an entry, motion or fire or smoke alarm is ever activated at your home top-rated alarm companies will immediately dispatch the appropriate emergency services to keep your family safe. Smoke and fire alarms are frequently activated during the late night and early morning hours when families are sleeping. When they are monitored by industry-leading companies they will dispatch the appropriate services for you, providing peace of mind for you and your family.
  • Industry-leading home alarm monitoring companies keep millions of homes across the country secure. They have built their reputation based on their outstanding customer service, exceptional products and their ability to keep families safe from intrusions and fire and smoke damage.
  • The unique Two-Way Voice Feature offered by the nations top-rated home alarm monitoring company allows homeowners to speak directly with a security professional should an emergency situation ever arise. If an alarm has been activated in the home the monitoring company will use the two-way voice feature to speak with you inside your home. By establishing communication with you they can ascertain if assistance needs to be dispatched. If you are not inside your home they can listen to noises throughout the house with the two-way voice speaker.
  • PPS has four monitoring centers around the country to ensure that your call is relayed efficiently, regardless of outages due to call volume or weather. Homeowners never have to worry about monitoring stations losing power during bad weather since all incoming calls and alarms can simply be rerouted to another center.

Industry-leading home alarm monitoring companies keep you and your family and property safe and secure, giving you peace of mind. Perhaps that is why over six million families rely on them for their home security systems. Discover what has made us the nations leader in home security alarms and monitoring by calling us at today 1-888-353-8146.