The Equipment

With powerful and proven PPS monitoring and the latest home security technology, we are the leader in total home protection. The decision of which home security system to choose is not one that should be taken lightly. With safety being the ultimate goal, homeowners should educate themselves about what makes a home security system a good choice. The right security equipment is essential to have an effective system in place.

The design and layout of a home, as well as the home's exterior should all be considered when designing the optimal home security system. Where the security equipment is placed within the home is integral to it providing the most security possible. There are key chain remotes available that allow homeowners to arm their system from a distance. Panic buttons can be placed in the home that will call the authorities with one easy touch. Families should work with a trusted and respected security technician to determine what kinds of home security equipment are best suited for their needs.

A quality home security company will have highly trained, experienced and professional technicians available to help homeowners design their ultimate home security system. These technicians will describe in detail what every piece of equipment does, and how it can help deter criminals from entering the home. Here are ways that the best home security companies protect their clients' homes:

• Signs for the Exterior of the Home – It has been proven that external lawn and window signs are a good deterrent to criminals.
• Wireless Keychain Remote – Allows homeowners to arm and disarm their advanced home security system with a quick and easy press of a button. The wireless remote can be kept on a belt loop or placed on a night stand for extra security.
• Digital Touchpad – With a simple button press, fire, police, and emergency services can be immediately dispatched to the home.
• PIR Motion Detector – Reads body temperatures to detect if an intruder is in the home. Homes that have pets can set the detectors so the animals do not set the detector off.
• 24-Hour Battery and Power Supply – In the event of a power outage, this power supply will keep the security system up and running.
• Wireless Door and Window Sensors – Should an intruder attempt to open a window or door, these sensors will immediately arm the security system and the monitoring department will be contacted.
• High-Decibel Indoor Alarm Siren – An extremely loud, high pitched siren will alert all those in the home and in the immediate area to an intruder's presence.

While all of these powerful features will deter and prevent even the most daring of intruders, no home security system is complete without PPS’s renowned 24/7 monitoring. It is important that the home security system designed to protect your home is monitored at all times by a company that is reliable and fast acting. All families deserve to be safe. Installing a home security system from the nation's top-rated home security monitoring company is a wise decision.